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Always Happy Guarantee
Of course everybody would like to be carried on the gondola with the sun high in the sky and a refreshing breeze of wind on their skin. But it is still Leeuwarden…. And where the weather is really mostly perfect, the weather can also be bad, making you a little less enthusiastic to board the gondola.

Also, nobody wants a moody gondolier who rather wants to be at home sitting in front of a warm fireplace, in stead of standing on the back of a gondola. And you don’t want to sit close to him, in that mood! (In that case, we should really go somewhere warm and dry and have a drink together). But, we are a business and we thought of something that can make us all happy! You can add the Always Happy Guarantee to you booking. With this guarantee you can cancel or reschedule you booking based on adverse weather conditions.

Here’s how it works: 

First of all, when you can speak of one of the weather conditions mentioned below , the gondolier will contact you:

  • windforce >5 in the city
  • longterm drizzle or rain
  • stormy weather with gusts of wind
  • thunderstorms or a high risk of a thunderstorm during the booking.

Chances are the gondolier will decide to cancel the tour. When the gondolier cancels the tour this will be binding decision. You will not need a Always Happy Guarantee in these circumstances.  The gondolier will make his decision two hours before departuretime at the latest. You won’t have to decide on a new date and time at the spot, but feel free to check back later. Will you not be able to reschedule, you can also cancel your booking entirely.

Now it comes….:

It could also be possible the gondolier is more than happy to go ahead with the tour, but you are not so sure, because of the weather and would like to reschedule. If you booked the Always Happy Guarantee, you can still reschedule of cancel, free of charge!

The Always Happy Guarantee costs €10,- per booking. Please add this when completing your booking.